To say INNOVITY is manufacturer of high-end easy to use Electronic digit signs is very true, that is ofcourse what we do, but that doesnt tell whole story.

Our Digit Signs are becoming the benchmark for features and standards in the electronic sign industry, customers everywhere trust us for providing them a critical tool for their business that would work 24/7 X 365, and we maintain that and keep getting better because we are passionate at what we do. Its numbers, we are good at them, Really good!

Our Journey began way back in 2008 with a small project to help a business in Pennsylvania change prices on their outdoor sign without having to step outside in the bitter cold and wrestle with sticks and plates, what we did came out incredibly well. Though our first few projects weren’t the best to name, from the problems faced in their execution, we did learn a lot about the technology and gained expertise in it in a very short amount of time. We understood the problems faced by everyday installers and users of electronic signs with the existing ones in the market and that made us build our revolutionary signs that are easy in every point of view. We started out of a small workshop in North Eastern Pennsylvania in 2009 and soon expanded to a bigger facility in the neighbouring New Jersey, easily accessible to larger amount of businesses. What we made earned great appreciation from the users and with the fast increasing demand for our products, to better meet with the demand we added a new location to help with simultaneous production and operations on the other coast of USA in California. Today most of our R&D and production takes place in Ontario California and we are happily counting on our ever increasing customers all across the USA and the world.

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